Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger

In The Next 2 Minutes You Will Learn 7 Pro Bodybuilder Tips On

How To Get Big Arms

That You Can Use In Your Next Workout!

Bigger arms, every guy who has ever picked up a dumbbell has imagined himself with a set of big arms – superhero big arms! They instantly tells the world ‘ya, I workout’. Also, they are the body-part women routinely put as there most ‘sexy body-part’. So pay attention as I share 7 tips with you that you can start using right away.

Advice, I mean real advice, on how to get bigger arms is hard to find. Some experts will tell you: ‘do not to train arms directly’ because they get enough secondary work from back and chest training, or ‘heavy leg training will cause your whole body to grow (including arms) and my personal favorite ‘for every 1 inch you want to put on your arms you will need to gain ten pounds’ – lmfao, And with the rise of ‘functional’ training arms are getting smaller and smaller!

If bigger arms are your goal here are 4 things you need to know:

  • 1Sets, how many
  • 2Reps, how many
  • 3Training frequency (how often per week)
  • 4Best exercises to use

Of course, it helps to know the major muscles of the arm...







How To Get Big Arms

Tip 1 - Arm day
bigger biceps

Give yourself an arm day

An arm day. That’s right, a full training day for biceps, triceps (tris are 2/3 of your arm so make sure you train them!) This is probably the single best tip to increase arm size. Training results from people who have switched to a dedicated arm day is so staggering it cannot be dismissed.

Most of us will do biceps at the end of back or tris after chest and forearms, well never usually. This ‘second priority’ approach will give you ‘second priority’ results. You will never have the energy and focus to truly hit biceps or triceps if they come after a grueling chest or back workout.

The muscles you hit first in the workout will respond the best, this is a training fact. Your focus, energy and glycogen stores (fuel stored in your muscles) are always highest at the start of a workout so do yourself a favor and give yourself a dedicated arm day and you’ll want to hit that arm day twice within 10 days.

Tip 2: Only use thick handled barbells and dumbbells

Bigger Arms

Jay Cutler 4x Mr Olympia hitting arms with his Fat Gripz

Use thick handled barbells and dumbbells for your arm training only. After giving arms a day to themselves this is the single most important tip. ‘Thick-bars’ are just like regular barbells and dumbbells but their handle diameter is 2-3 times as thick as a regular bar. It is this increased thickness that causes much great muscle fiber stimulation in the arms leading to faster gains.

“Using thick handled bars (barbell, dumbbell, pull-up bars, etc) is 1 of the best things anyone could do to build max muscle size & strength. It will build big arms & upper body strength & size inconceivable to people who only train with regular barbells or dumbbells” Brooks Kubik, author, strength legend and multi world record holder.

Thick bars are nothing new, in fact, they've been used for years, but due to their cost (good thick BB can run over $800 compared to $50 for a standard commercial gym barbell) and the fact that the larger diameter handles make them harder to hold for female gym members, you'll only see them at the most high-end pro-athlete training centers.

If your local gym doesn’t have any thick dumbbells or barbells don’t sweat it…just pick up some Fat Gripz right away --> > big arms with Fat Gripz These beautiful blue babies have changed my arm training more then anything else, you just slide them over regular barbells, dumbbells, chin-up bars what ever instantly turning them into thick bars.

How To Get Big Arms

Fat Gripz

Tip 3: Work the forearms

Big Arms

Hitting The Forearms Is Key To Getting Bigger Arms! Forearms Grow Best When You Use Thick-Bars - Don't Have Access To Any, Pick-up A Pair Of Fat Gripz

Work your forearms. Listen, the most impressive upper arms are ALWAYS accompanied by some beefy forearms. Remember, when you’re wearing a T-shirt it’s your forearms that people will see first so make sure they command respect.

In addition to looking good, having a strong grip/big forearms will unlock the hidden strength and size gains that are lying dormant in your upper body...

Everything starts with your grip and forearms strength > the bigger and stronger your forearms (grip) are the more weight you can use to train your biceps and triceps making them bigger and stronger the bigger and stronger your biceps and triceps are the more weight you can use to train your back and chest (and shoulders) getting them bigger and stronger.

So if you want to unlock dormant size and strength gains start training your forearms. The best way to train forearms is by using fat barbells & dumbbells, the increased stimulus from using a larger diameter handle is felt immediately. Again, if you gym doesn’t have thick bars (see tip #2) grab yourself a pair of Fat Gripz now –

Tip 4: Train for Maximum Pump!

Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler sporting a huge pump!

Maximum pump. This may sound very ‘meat-headish’ but it is critical if you want to add size and strength. The pump is the term used to describe the feeling when your muscles become filled with blood. The muscle will actually look and feel bigger because the blood volume inside the muscle has actually increased. This is a critical, the blood will bring in key nutrients that will help with size and strength gains.

Another benefit of the pump is it can help to stretch out the Fascia. The Fascia is a tight band of tissue that envelops the muscle. Some people’s Fascia can be so tight and restrictive that it can impair growth. Therefore, the greater the pump the greater the expanding force (greater blood volume) induced stretch allowing more room for growth. Stretching the arms when you have a full pump on is another way to help with this.

Everybody will respond slightly different so you will need to experiment with the optimum set/rep/rest combination for your body. In general, try training arms with 8-15 reps, two times a week, keep the rest under a minute and do at least 10 sets (if you’ve go a dedicated arm day) – Again, this is a starting place, you should experiment and adjust for what works best with your body and your lifestyle. For example, if you stay out to 2 am everyday you may need a few extra days rest or if you’re a genetic freak and/or training is your full time job you could hit arms 3 times a week... EXPERIMENT!

Here is a example routine focusing on size gains:

*Order* *Exercise* *Repetitions* *Sets* *Rest time*
A-1 45 degree incline DB (dumbbell) curl - both hands together
** try Fat Gripz for quicker gains
12 reps six sets thirty secs rest
A-2 Cable triceps (v bar) press-downs 12 reps six sets thirty secs rest
Do A1 & A2 6 times and get your pump on!
B-1 Standing alt DB curls
** try Fat Gripz for quicker gains
12 reps six sets thirty secs rest
B-2 Flat skull crushers with EZ bar 12 reps six sets thirty secs rest
Do B1 & B2 6 times - the pump should be huge now
C-1 Standing rev BB (barbell) curl
** try Fat Gripz for quicker gains
15 reps no rest
C-2 Overhand (Pronated grip) wrist extension 20 reps
Do C1 & C2 4 times - then go and try to brush your teeth
Try to brush your teeth the next day :-)

After you've tried that here are some more...

Tip Five: Get Ripped and stay injury free.

Big Arms

Lower body fat levels will make your arms look ripped!

Lean and stay injury free. Yes I know that’s 2 points. The more cuts and veins you can have in your arms the more impressive they will look. There are plenty of fat guys who technically have large arms but they are soft and have no shape (this is know as fat-big) and as a result look like crap – so skip desert. A good rule of thumb is your waist should never be bigger then your chest measurement…ever.

Avoid preventable injuries! If you can’t train because of elbow tendonitis your arms are shrinking, not growing! This may sound basic but I can’t tell you the amount of guys who can no longer bench because of bad shoulders or do curl because of elbow tendinitis. Getting bigger arms does not come over night and once you’ve got them you don’t want to lose them! So train smart from the start, if you can’t feel the desired body-part working you are doing it wrong – go back and re-read tip # four above.

Tip 6: Focus on 1 body-part

Unless your are taking steroids or other anabolic aids your body only has so much growth capacity. If you try to gain on every body part your progress will be divided up over the whole body, but if you focus on a single body-part at a time that body part will grow much faster.

Focus on 1 body part as a goal for the next 2-3 months (arms). Right now there is someone saying “this is BS”, but the reality is he doesn’t have big arms. Anyone who has worked out for more then a few years knows you will grow faster if you are focusing on a priority body part. You see, your body will only recover so much and if you're smashing every single body part your body must divide that recoverability up over all your body parts (if you are taking steroids you can ignore this point because that’s one of the ways they work, they give you super-human recovery ability).

However, if you are only smashing arms (or what ever body part is your current goal) then more of that recoverability can be allocated to that target body part. I am not telling you to not train anything else, far from it. You would do it like this, take your arm (biceps, triceps, forearms) sets to failure and for all other muscles you will stop 1-2 repetitions shy of failure – trust me the rest of your body won't shrink (it may actually grow if it’s been over-trained)

Tip 7: Exercise variety!

Exercise variety! The perfect workout or the perfect exercise does NOT exist. Anyone, and I mean anyone who understands training and human physiology knows that whatever set/rep/exercise combination got you to where you are now will NOT get you to the next level.

One of the top strength coaches in the world said “the best routine is the one your body hasn’t adapted to yet”. Even Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time always said “you must constantly shock the muscle”, this means different exercises, different reps, different rest. Each of us will have different lever lengths, different muscle fiber insertion points, different muscle-bellies, different ratios of slow versus fast twitch fiber, all of which will cause each of us to respond differently.

How will you know? Exercises that allow you to feel the targeted muscle more and allows you to get a greater pump will be a good starting point for you.

A few exercises:


Click to Watch Some Bicep Examples

  • Dumbbell curl
  • Standing alternate dumbbell curl
  • 90° seated dumbbell curl
  • 90° seated dumbbell curl
  • 45° incline dumbbell curl
  • 45° incline dumbbell alt curl
  • 90° seated DB Zotman curl
  • Barbell curl / EZ bar
  • Scott or preacher curls
  • Concentration DB curls


Click To Watch Some Tricep examples

  • Close-grip bench press with barbell or EZ
  • Close-grip incline bench press with barbell or EZ
  • Dumbbell kickbacks
  • BB/EZ skull crushers
  • Cable tricep press-downs
  • Cable tricep press-down with angle bar
  • Tricep press-down reverse grip
  • 1-arm cable tricep press-down
  • Rope press-downs
  • Dips

How To Get Big Arms

  • Give arms a dedicated day
  • If you are only remembering one point on how to get big arms this is it…only use a thick barbell or dumbbell when training arms, if your gym does not have thick-bars get a pair of Fat Gripz now – they will single handedly take your arms to the next level!
  • Make sure you can feel the target muscle working and get a great pump
  • Train your forearms, don’t make them your ‘weak link’ limiting your upper gains
  • Use a variety of exercises to create new size and strength gains
  • Avoid setbacks, if you’re hurt your arms will not be growing

Try integrating these tips into your workouts for the next 2 months and watch your arms grow!

Big Arms Fast

Use these tips for 2 months and thank me later!